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Innovation, research of Haitel mask machine

May 9, 2020

Latest company news about Innovation, research of Haitel mask machine

On March 16, on the mask machine production line of haitel machinery in the economic development zone, the reporter saw Yan Zurong, the general manager of the company. From his black eyes, he could see that he was a little tired.

More than a month ago, Yin Zurong received a call from the Development Zone asking if he could produce a mask machine. Can you do it? Yin Zurong himself also played a question mark. After consulting with the engineer, he gave a positive reply: can do, must do!

Haitel machinery is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of leisure food packaging and production machinery. Its main business has nothing to do with mask machine. On February 26, Haitel officially launched the mask machine project, which was less than 20 days before he decided to convert the mask machine to production. Yin Zurong said that this was a life in danger.

The mask machine is not a single machine. To press and fold the multi-layer non-woven fabric, then ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear band and nose strip welding, it needs the cooperation of multiple machines to complete different processes. A normal equipment from design to production, assembly, commissioning, at least two months. Because of the urgent need of anti epidemic, enterprises need to achieve rapid delivery in a short period of time, which fully tests the manufacturing capacity, mass production capacity and coordinated development capacity of enterprises. Short time research and development of mask machine is inseparable from the experience of precision manufacturing and the ability of innovative research and development.

latest company news about Innovation, research of Haitel mask machine  0

The company has always been "customized", small and refined, customized according to customer needs, and has rich experience in drawing design, later research and development, reprocessing and other aspects. A mask machine involves more than 1000 parts and ingredients, most of which need finishing. In the haitel machine shop, a processing center is precisely positioning the matching products of the mouth mask machine, with the processing accuracy of 0.01mm, equivalent to one eighth of a hair. "The processing accuracy determines the stability of the mask machine.

If the mask machine is not stable, the quality of the mask will be greatly reduced." Said Zhang Xiaogang, a programmer.

At present, the full-automatic mask machine developed and produced by the company can produce 140000 masks a day, which is equivalent to the workload of 100 workers a day. A total of 20 sets of masks have been shipped out, and the second batch is in the process of manufacturing.


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